Research Interests

I study programming languages, and I'm advised by Yizhou Zhang.

Before that, I worked on security and programming language at Penn State University, advised by Danfeng Zhang

Peer-Reviewed Publications
    OOPSLA 2024
Lexical Effect Handlers, Directly

Cong Ma, Zhaoyi Ge, Edward Lee, Yizhou Zhang

(conditionally accepted)

    OOPSLA 2023
Quantifying and Mitigating Cache Side Channel Leakage with Differential Set

Cong Ma, Dinghao Wu, Gang Tan, Mahmut Taylan Kandemir, Danfeng Zhang

Teaching Assistant
CMPSC 311, Introduction to Systems Programming
CSE 541: Database Systems I
PSU CSE Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award ($100)
University of Waterloo Research Dissemination Award
I spent a year working on distributed system reliability at DoorDash. You can read a blog post here.